The parameters of a Device Group object

The device group object is one of the main objects of CM because it is used by many different CM functionalities. Its information displays in the form of tables in the right window of the General tab.




The name of the object under which it is known in BCM. This name may be any combination of characters.

Display Nodes

Defines which subnodes the new group node should display. Possibilities are:

  • Members only displays all group members.
  • Functionalities displays only all the maintenance and manipulation subnodes for a groups.
  • All displays both types of subnodes.

Device Type

Defines which types of devices are to be displayed, if above you have decided to do so. Possible options are:

  • All Devices displays all devices which are known in the database. This includes scanned devices as well as deprecated devices.
  • Devices with Agent displays only devices on which a BCM agent is installed.
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