Step Reference

The CM software comes with a number of predefined operational rules and steps which are divided according their functionalities into groups.

This section provides reference information for all predefined steps including their parameters, default values, and descriptions. They are divided according to their functionalities(for example, Agent Configuration, Inventory Management, Patch Management, etc.).

The following topics are provided:

The step properties window

To initially select a step for an operational rule or modify it later on, the Properties window appears. It has three tabs:

  • Parameters
    In this tab all step parameters are listed and need to be defined. You can also modify parameters here. Any parameter with an asterisks (*) next to its label is a mandatory parameter.
    The topics following this section provide detailed information about all parameters of the individual steps.
  • Workflow
    In this tab the verfication and stop conditions of the step within the operational rule are defined. To specify if verification and stop conditions are to be applied for this step, reply to the questions by selecting the respective answer from the list boxes.
    This tab replaces the Verification Condition and Stop Condition parameters of former BMC Client Management (formerly BMC FootPrints Asset Core ) versions, that were the first parameters of all steps.
  • Information
    This tab shows additional general information about the step, none of these values can be modified apart from the Notes box, in which you can enter any additional pertinent information regarding this step or its use.

Related topics

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