Snapshot Packages module parameters

The PackagerSnp (PackagerSnp) module is another of the methods used to create BMC Client Management packages. This method generates a before and after system snapshot, that is, before and after configuration changes or software installation, enabling administrators to thus customise packages to fit their needs. This module is used for basic package distribution. It is loaded by default only on the master if it is a Windows device.


Default Value


Archive File Extension


Defines the type of extension for the custom package to be created. Be aware that this extension is valid for all packages which are created. If you modify the extension after having created a number of packages already the packager does not recognize the packages with the old extension any more.

Maximum Number of Retries


Defines the number of times the publishing process is repeated after a failure before the whole process is declared failed.

Retry Interval (sec)


Defines the minimum amount of time between each retry for publishing in seconds.

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