Report parameters




The name of the object under which it is known in BCM. This name may be any combination of characters.


Defines the encoding to be used for report generation.

Font Size

Defines the font size for this report. This may be a number between 8 and 18.

Font Type

Defines the font type family for this report. This is also the font type used for the PDF generation.


Select the logo to use for this report from the dropdown list.

Report File Name

Defines the file name of the published report. If this field is empty, the file name of the report is generated with the date and time of its generation.

Report Style

Select the general layout of the report. This defines into how many subreports the report is divided into.

Report Template

Select from the drop-down box the report template to use. This field is only applicable to template-based reports.

Report Title

Enter the title of the new report.

Report Type

Select the type of the report, that is, if it is style or template based.

Style Sheet

Defines the style sheet to use when displaying the report.

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