Remote Control module parameters

The Remote Control (RemoteControl) module provides remote access to managed devices within the network. The remote management of devices includes the access of remote services such as network applications, the transfer of files among servers and workstations, administering of servers or the taking control of managed devices to help users with problems.


Default Value


Automatic Disconnection


Specifies automatic disconnection, that is, if the Remote Control is left inactive for a given period of time, the administrator is automatically disconnected.



The number of hours of inactivity after which the connection is automatically terminated.



The number of minutes of inactivity after which the connection is automatically terminated.



The number of seconds of inactivity after which the connection is automatically terminated.

Install and use the Client Management video driver


Allows to activate the BCM video driver for improved speed performance, more precise display of the target screen and a less important CPU usage during the connection. This functionality also provides a larger choice of color systems which allows to considerably reduce the bandwidth consumption for slow networks while still clearly displaying the target screen in monochrome mode. This option is not available if the Deactivate Hardware Acceleration parameter is activated. If it is activated the driver is loaded at agent startup. It is strongly recommended to reboot the device if this option is activated.

Activate Remote Control Information in the Log


Defines if logging is enabled, If it is activated, logging is enabled in the agent log file, mtxagent.log.

Activate Detailed Logging


Defines the detail level of remote control logging. If activated, logging takes places with maximum information.

Activate Connection Logging


Defines if administrator connections are to be logged.

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