Package parameters



Archive Name

The name of the archive which is distributed for the software distribution, its name is composed of the name of the package with a zip extension.

Archive Type

The type of file in which the package is stored. Possible values are the .zip format and the BCM Deploy proprietary .pkg format.

Package Type

The type of the package. Custom indicates that the package may either be a manually created custom package or a patch package.

Patch Package

Indicates if the package is a patch package, that is, either the MS Secure file package or any other patch package which was manually created.

Package Size (KB)

The size in bytes of the respective package.

Compressed Package Size (KB)

The size of the respective package in its compressed form in KB.

File Count

The number of files which are contained in the respective package.


The name of the relay on which the package is stored and to be collected from the target devices.

Dynamic Package

Defines if the package contents are to be dynamically updated. Be aware, that dynamic packages, that is, when this option is activated, the package cannot be copied to other packagers, as the package content is build during the publishing process.

Force Reassignment

Automatically forces the reassignment whenever the package is published.

Mapping Activated

Defines if the package is to be installed under another directory or some of the files shall be mapped to one or more different locations.


The checksum of the respective package.


Defines if a package is only to be referenced by the master, that is, the master receives all information concerning the package but not the package itself. In this case the package is stored in a specific location, which, for example, can also be a removable unit such as a CD/DVD or a USB key, and a relay, which requires the package for itself or its clients, verifies the given location before requesting it from the master.

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