Operational Rule parameters




The name of the object under which it is known in BCM. This name may be any combination of characters.


The type of the operational rule, which may be:<ul><li>Quick Link if the rule is to be published to the application kiosk containing only a URL.</li><li>Software Distribution if a package is assigned to the operational rule for a software distribution,</li><li>Patch Distribution if the rule distributes and installs a patch, or</li><li>Operational Rule if it is any other type of action that is executed. An operational rule is always created with type Operational Rule . Once a package is assigned to it, its type is automatically set to Software Distribution .</li></ul><p>If the operational rule has been created through the assignment of a device under the Packages node, the type is automatically set to Software Distribution and the name of the operational rule is [pkgname.ext] , pkgname being the name of the package to be distributed, ext indicating the type of the package. The same is true for patch rules, which may not be created manually, they are always created automatically when a patch package is added to a patch group. In this case the pkgname is the name of the downloaded patch and the extension is always .cst for custom packages.</p>

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