HTTP Protocol Handler module parameters

The HttpProtocolHandler is an HTTP Server. It manages requests from various sources such as the Console, HTML and the remote agent. It rejects requests from sources which do not have the relevant authorizations, capabilities or access rights to execute actions or handle objects.


Default Value


Host Name


Enter the name of the device on which the proxy is installed.

Maximum Thread Count


Defines the maximum thread counts. The maximum number of threads limits the number of requests which is handled. Requests received whilst there are no free threads available are dropped.

Console Port


The number of the port that the console uses for communication with the agent.

Console Thread Count


The maximum number of threads that are reserved exclusively for console communication. For a client at least 4 threads are recommended.

Maximum Number of Retries


Defines the number of times the publishing process is repeated after a failure before the whole process is declared failed.

Retry Interval (sec)


Defines the minimum amount of time between each retry for publishing in seconds.

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