Host Access module parameters

The Host Access (HostAccess) module is used to manage the list of IP addresses and host names which are allowed access. Its role is to provide a simple yet efficient lookup service for the HTTP Protocol Handler which uses it to verify whether a request, regardless of content, from a given host is permitted or not. The module only provides a lookup for the host addresses and does not pay attention to what is actually contained in the request. This module is required for the basic functioning of the software and cannot be unloaded.


Default Value




Specifies the order in which the user access is handled. This order is important, because the Http Protocol Handler goes through this list and accepts the first match it finds.

Host Name

Enter the name of the device on which the proxy is installed.



Indicates whether a given address or address range is allowed to make requests or not. This, together with the ordered comparison of entries, can be used to implement a "reject most, accept a few" or "accept most, reject a few" policy as desired.

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