Hardware Inventory module parameters

Allows to access the device hardware inventory.


Default Value


Translation File


Defines the .xml format file used to post process the inventory data. The path to the file may be entered as a local path or as a URL such as _


. The .xml file contains the list of all Hardware WMI classes available for scanning, but it is only enabled for WMI compliant systems.

Upload on Startup


Defines if the inventory is uploaded to the master after being updated the first time on agent startup. It is recommended to activate this option to ensure that the inventory is updated at least at every startup of the agent. If it is deactivated a regular update and upload of the inventory must be configured through operational rules.

Upload Interval (sec)


Defines the upload period for the inventory in seconds. If it is set to 0, no uploads are configured by the module, but they can still be managed through operational rules. The setting only configures the upload of existing data, it does not include an update of the inventory.

Differential Upload


Specifies if the inventory is to be completely replaced which each upload when differences are detected or only the delta, that is, the modifications of the inventory. If the inventory template is changed the next inventory will always be a complete inventory, even if this option is activated.

Minimum Gap Between Two Uploads (sec)


Defines the minimum time interval between inventory uploads in seconds. If the value is set to 0 this option is deactivated and there is no minimum interval.

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