Administrator parameters




The login name used by that administrator to get access to the system.

First Name

The first name of the administrator.

Last Name

The last name of the administrator.

Office Phone

The office telephone number of the administrator.

Home Phone

The home phone number of the administrator.

Mobile Phone

The mobile phone number of the administrator.


The email address of the administrator.


The name of the company the administrator works for.


The department in which the administrator works.


The job title of the administrator.

Employee ID

The unique identifier of the employee.


The location of the user.

Account Enabled

Indicates if the account of the administrator is enabled. If an account was created but not yet enabled its login cannot be used to log on to the Console and the database. If the account is not enabled the administrator icon appears dimmed.

Modify Personal Information

Defines if an administrator who does not have write access to his account may still modify part of the accounts properties, that is, personal information such as name, home phone and the password.

Last Login

The time and date of the last login of the selected administrator in the default time format defined in the user preferences.

Created By

The name of the creator of the object such as an administrator.

Create Time

The date and time at which the object was originally created.

Last Modified By

Displays the name of either the last person that last modified the object or its contents, such as the administrator, or it may be the system that last executed any modifications.

Last Modification Time

The date and time of the last modification of the object.

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