12.5 enhancements

This section contains information about enhancements in version 12.5 of the BMC Client Management product.

Mobile device management

With increased use of mobile devices for accessing and exchanging corporate data, (such as corporate emails, instant messaging, and other corporate documents), managing and securing the data on the mobile devices becomes an important aspect of IT infrastructure management.


BMC Client Management supports both phone (calling) and non-phone (without calling) iOS mobile devices and are collectively referred to as mobile devices.

With the BMC Client Management 12.5 release, like other IT devices, you can also manage iOS mobile devices.

The following screenshot shows the overview of mobile devices in your IT infrastructure:

(Click the screenshot to view it in higher resolution)


You can perform the following operations on managed iOS mobile devices:

Mobile device security functions

  • Remotely set, update, and revoke configuration profiles
  • Set or reset passcodes
  • Set or revoke corporate security certificates
  • Wipe the lost mobile device (factory reset) to delete the sensitive enterprise data
  • Prevent unauthorized access by remotely locking and unlocking the mobile device
  • Set (or reset) pass code

Mobile device management functions

  • Collect inventory information for compliance at regular intervals
  • Configure Wi-Fi connections, email accounts, and SCEP settings
  • Manage server connections
  • Push web links (web clips)
  • Install, update, and remove applications (On demand or when deprecating the mobile device)
  • Allow use of corporate resources (such as use Wi-Fi and access corporate emails) on personal mobile devices without compromise on data security

For more information, see Managing mobile devices.

Miscellaneous improvements

  • Lock the BMC Client Management Agent service 
    can prevent local administrators from stopping the BMC Client Management Agent service to ensure that the device continuously communicates with the BMC Client Management master server. For more information about locking the agent service, see Locking BMC Client Management Agent service.
  • Asset discovery improvements
    Asset discovery has the following enhancements:

    • Improved messages
      Improved, easy-to-understand messages for asset discovery. 
    • Improved scan performance
      Scanning your network to for asset discovery is much faster now. The operating system, hardware, software, and network connectivity are now scanned with four different protocols.

    • View scan logs
      Now, you can view the scan log for each device for given session. The scan log helps you to easily identify the areas of interest during asset discovery. For more information about last scan result and scan log, see Viewing result of the last scan.

  • New graph view
    BMC Client Management now has a new, custom graph view. For more information, see Managing graphs of an object

Documentation improvements

With BMC Client Management 12.5 release, the following documentation improvements are available:

  • Content is restructured to help users accomplish usecases
  • Pressing F1 in the console or clicking the Help button on the toolbar opens the relevant topic directly in docs.bmc.com
  • A single PDF of the entire space is available on the PDFs and videos page


Mobile device management is the main new development for BMC Client Management v12.5. Updated translated manuals for the new mobile device management feature are planned. The other features are same as the v12.1 release and localized manuals are available on the PDFs and videos page.

This version of the documentation is no longer supported. However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments.