This section provides information about upgrading the BMC Client Management product on all supported platforms. The platform upgrade sections also contain instructions for performing any necessary preinstallation and post-upgrade procedures.


If you are using the automatic upgrade procedure for your agents and you are using the OSD functionality of Client Management , you should first refer to Considerations when upgrading OSD to version 12.1 before you start the upgrade. The OSD functionality has undergone major changes that might impact your way of working, and you might consider not to automatically upgrade your OSD Manager devices to the new version, or execute some specific actions on these before proceeding with the upgrade.


If you have an OnDemand installation and you system is properly set up, all Client Management components should be automatically upgraded.


Make sure you have a valid license for your upgrade to version 12.1 . Your current license continues to work for 30 days after the upgrade. You can download your new license from your support profile on our website, or by contacting Technical Support.


If you are currently using Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 to access the agent interface, you can no longer display the graphics of these pages. You must upgrade to a newer browser.

The upgrade process is composed of the following steps:

Supported upgrade paths

The following figure illustrates the supported upgrade paths to the various BMC Client Management versions.

If you are upgrading your agents manually, ensure that you always upgrade your master first, and then the agents. An agent cannot communicate with a master that is of an earlier version than the agent.

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