Searching BMC Client Management Help

You can search for words and phrases or by page tags (known as "labels"). To limit the search results, you can use standard query operators such as AND or use double quotes to search for an exact phrase.

Basic searching

  1. In the left pane, enter your search terms in the Searching BMC Client Management 12 search box, then click Go.
    The advanced search page appears, showing the topics that match your criteria.

  2. Click a topic title in the search results to jump to that page.
  3. To search using different criteria, repeat steps 1 and 2 on the current page or follow the instructions in Advanced Searching.

Advanced searching

By default, when you enter a search phrase, the wiki searches for either term as an "OR" search (for example, "password reset* OR reset")  So if you search for password reset, results will include pages with either the term password or the term reset.  

To search for an exact phrase , from the advanced search page, enclose the terms in quotes, such as "password reset".

Searching by labels

Labels are "tags" for content, similar to index keywords. Each page can have any number of labels to describe its content. You can find labels at the bottom of pages or by simply searching for a label in the Search field.

When you click on a label, a list of all pages that have been tagged with that label appears. By clicking another label in the Related Labels section of those results, a list of pages that are tagged with both of those labels appears. For example, by clicking an installing label, then clicking Windows in the results, you can see a list of the pages that contain content that pertains to that specific content.

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