Relay List

In this view you can define the list of relays to use for the Relay Selection method of the same name. Each entry represents a relay that is defined as such for a specific subnet. It also specifies the relay's priority in case a child device is on two subnets, for example, if it is on WIFI and on a normal subnet the subnet relay has precedence over the WIFI relay.



Relay Name

The network name of the relay, either as its short or complete network name, for example, scotty or , or as its IP address in dotted notation, for example, or 2001:db8:85a3::8a2e:370:7334 .

Client Subnet

The network address of the Subnet served by this relay (in the form of a single address, such as or ).

Relay Port

The port number of the direct parent to which the device is to connect. If the port number is not listed the default port 1610 is assumed.


Defines the priority of the relay within the relay list. This decides to which relay a device is to connect if it finds itself with two or more possible relays. If two possible relays for a device have the same priority the agent selects the relay arbitrarily; the same applies if the value is set to 0 .

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