Key concepts

Our dependence on computers within the workplace is clear. Present on every desktop and commonplace for all business travellers, we have come to depend on easy and reliable workstation access to deliver the applications, tools, and communication mechanisms that improve our performance. In recent years most organisations have invested heavily on enterprise software systems and the number of workstations (both fixed and laptop) can be counted in the thousands and tens of thousands. While these workstations have driven higher performance and productivity, the number of systems, their complexity and diversity, their geographic distribution, and the need for regular upgrades and maintenance, have outpaced the capacity of most IT support departments.

With BMC Client Management , IT managers are able to automate client management functions thereby driving IT efficiency, reducing operating costs, and ensuring end-user productivity. It provides a completely integrated solution permitting IT departments to understand, plan, automate, control and secure their client systems. By offering a solution that automates CSM, yet is easy to use, administer and deploy, BMC Client Management provides a crucial means for driving IT efficiency, reducing management costs, and ensuring end-user productivity.

This section provides a high-level overview of the BMC Client Management product.

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