Creating an Administrator

To create an administrator, proceed as follows:

  1. Select Global Settings in the left window pane.
  2. Select the subnode Administrators in the left window pane.
  3. Select Edit > Create Administrator .
    The Properties dialog box appears on the screen.
  4. Enter the desired data in the respective boxes in the General tab.
  5. Select the Authentication tab and specify the type by which the administrator is to be authenticated when logging on:
    • Internal : Selecting this radio button indicates that the administrator will be verified by the master server database using the passwords defined in this box. Therefore enter the password to be used into the New Password field. Then confirm it by entering into the second field. For security reasons the passwords will only be displayed in the form of asterisks (star).


      You can only use ISO-Latin characters (all lower case and upper case Western European letters and numbers) even if you are using a Japanese, Greek or Arabic localization.

    • External : This option provides the possibility to have the login verified either by the local system or for Linux systems by PAM. Select the respective value from the list. If you select this option, don't forget to ensure that you activated the Create Default System Administrator option in the System Variables ' Security tab, otherwise the newly created administrator will not be able to log on. Adminsitrators synchronized with Active Directoy servers are automatically assigned system access and their access will be verified by the directory server.
  6. Click OK at the bottom of the window to confirm the data for the new administrator.

A new administrator with the specified properties was created.

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