12.2 Enhancements

This section contains information about enhancements in version 12.2 of the BMC Client Management product.


For information about issues corrected in this release, see Known and corrected issues.

Extended integration with BMC Remedyforce

An IT Asset Manager should be able to use Remedyforce and BMC Client Management to manage the complete lifecycle of all IT assets. BCM has an opportunity to become a discovery engine for Remedyforce. The implemented solution is completely cloud based, enabled and integrated out of the box. In fact, Remedyforce customers will not even know that BMC Client Management is in use until they get into some of the more complex use cases.

We're entertaining the notion of providing a certain amount of functionality for free, and anything advanced would require a purchase. For more information, see BMC Remedyforce documentation Open link .

Asset Discovery Improvements

  • Improved messages
    Improved, easy-to-understand messages for asset discovery.
  • Improved scan performance
    Scanning your network to for asset discovery is much faster now. The operating system, hardware, software, and network connectivity are now scanned with four different protocols. For more information, see Device list.
  • View scan logs
    Now, you can view the scan log for each device for given session. The scan log helps you to easily identify the areas of interest during asset discovery. For more information, see Sessions.

Web APIs

BMC Client Management is now available with the additional web services for Rollout and Asset Discovery. For more information, see BMC Client Management - Web API Operations Manual.

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