BMC Client Management - Deployment

Constantly evolving technology introduces multiple updates for multiple applications deployed to any given number of machines in your IT environment. Keeping systems configured with the latest upgrades becomes a time-consuming and often expensive process. Most IT organizations are constantly searching for the most effective way to automate this task across their Windows, Mac, and Linux® environments.

Client Management - Deployment gives you the reliable and comprehensive control you need to ensure successful software deployments in heterogeneous environments, as well as OS deployments for Windows environments, from a single, centralized console — without disruption to your end users.

The main features of Client Management - Deployment are:

  • Multi-casting and bandwidth management – Conserve network bandwidth by simultaneously sending data to multiple clients while minimizing interference
  • BCM agent deployment and updates – Auto-deploy and update the BMC FootPrints agent to newly discovered machines
  • MyApps – Deploy pre-approved software directly from the desktop without submitting a request or waiting for a technician to install the software – self-service for the end-user and reduced impact to IT resources
  • Checkpoint restart – Ensure that portable devices, such as laptops, receive a complete installation regardless of the size of deployment or number of network disconnections
  • Wake-on-LAN – Successfully update workstations regardless of power state
  • Easy packaging – Deploy software and configuration changes for Microsoft, MacOS, UNIX, and Linux systems, as well as custom applications
  • Remote install – Remotely install Windows OS, including formatting/partitioning hard drives
  • Customized planning – Streamline software distribution planning efforts by grouping software with similar characteristics
  • Hardware compatibility – Maintain a comprehensive list of hardware assets to ensure that the software being rolled out is supported
  • Application kiosk – Access a web-based catalog of approved software for self-service installs following migration
  • Report now – Provide reports on application update details
  • Service anywhere – Access a machine without the use of a VPN to perform desktop management tasks, such as inventory, patch management, and software deployment
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