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Launching iStrobe for a specific LPAR

From a Workload View, use the following procedure to launch the iStrobe application and get more information about a specific LPAR and time range.

In order to launch the Compuware iStrobe application from Cost Analyzer, you need to select a Workload View and then select the LPAR and time range that you want to examine.

To launch iStrobe for a specific LPAR

  1. Using the Monthly Reporting tool, select a usage month and year, and then generate a screen report.
  2. Using the hyperlinks, navigate to the MLC product level of the product that you want to analyze.

    Specifically, from either the Monthly Summary Report or the CPC level, find the MLC product from the list and click the corresponding R4HA MSU Utilization preview chart.

  3. From the list of Workload Reports, click the workload type that you want to view.

    The Workload Views level for the MLC product is displayed.

  4. In the list of LPARs, click any LPAR name.

    Cost Analyzer enables the Compuware iStrobe Launch Pad and displays the date-range selector in the charting area.

  5. Click in the chart area and drag to select a date-range as needed.

    You can click anywhere in the chart and drag to select a date-range, which enables you to highlight a section of the chart that represents the range of time you want to examine within iStrobe. The left edge of the range sets the range's starting date and time, and the right edge sets the ending date and time.

  6. Click the Launch button.
  7. In the Confirmation dialog, confirm your selection by clicking Yes.


    If the selections are incorrect, you can click No to return to the launch pad and make changes, or Cancel to close the launch pad.

    Cost Analyzer opens a new window in your browser, where iStrobe displays data for the selected LPAR and time range.

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