Using Alarm Management

Alarm Management  provides the BMC AMI Ops  product family with the ability to perform true management by exception.

Alarm Management  creates alarm reports based on performance goals that are continuously monitored. When a performance goal is not within acceptable parameters, an alarm report is created. An alert can be created based on the report to trigger an automated action.

Alarm Management  monitors multiple targets on multiple systems simultaneously. You can display a single view that shows alerts for all BMC AMI Ops  performance monitors within your MVS enterprise. Using alarm definitions, any data element from any BMC AMI Ops  product can be used to generate alarm reports based on user-defined thresholds that trigger the following actions:

  • Create MVS console messages

  • Create an alarm report that can be processed by BMC AMI Ops Automation

  • Call  BMC AMI OpsA

  • Call Control-O

  • Issue user defined MVS console command

For more information, see the following sections:

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