Product features

BMC AMI Ops  is an integrated family of performance management and automation products that monitor and control traditional and parallel mainframes. BMC AMI Ops  includes performance monitors, automated operations, and automation applications.

BMC AMI Ops  product integration provides host system monitoring and automation (even in remote locations) through a common terminal session. Product integration is achieved through the BBI intercommunications technology.

BBI integrates the BMC AMI Ops  performance products within a common communications framework that operates across multiple machines in multiple locations. A single terminal session can use one or more BMC AMI Ops  products to monitor and manage multiple local or remote targets. Typical targets include:

  • IBM z/OS (sysplex or nonsysplex)

  • IBM subsystems (such as CICS, Db2, IMS, MQSeries, VTAM, or WebSphere)

  • UNIX systems from The Open Group

  • TCP/IP

For products that operate in  BMC AMI Ops windows mode, BMC AMI Ops  provides a built-in separation of the data, application, and end-use dimensions of systems management. This separation facilitates maximum flexibility and extensibility. BBI communications, data collection, and the end-user terminal session run in three distinct address spaces:

  • Coordinating address space (CAS)

  • Product address space (PAS)

  • User address space (UAS)

This structure provides a consistent, flexible environment for managing hundreds of system images. Depending on the products installed, with this environment you can:

  • Summarize data on a single system or across multiple system images

  • View historical or real-time data from multiple systems, summarized in one view

  • Enter commands for multiple products on multiple systems

  • Apply simple or complex data-filtering conditions

  • Access different systems and products quickly and easily with simple target switching, direct hyperlinks between products, or multiple concurrent views on one terminal session

BBI architecture

This section contains the following topics:
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