In addition to the  BMC AMI Ops  Messages and Codes display, you can use the messages library to look up messages.

The messages library consolidates all BMC messages from the following product lines:

  • BMC AMI Data for Db2 products
  • BMC AMI Data for IMS products
  • BMC AMI Ops products
  • BMC AMI Security products

Enter message ID or message text to locate your message:


To search for a message ID, use one of the following options:

Search typeValid exampleInvalid example
Enter the entire message ID.BMCACM0101IACM0101
Enter an asterisk wildcard at the end of a partial message ID.BMCACM**ACM or *ACM*
Enter a wildcard combination at the beginning ( /.* ) and end ( .*/ ) of a partial message ID.




You can access the complete set of messages from the Message library Open link .

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