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Update automation session properties

An Update automation session properties request updates a session in an automation server. After this call is made, you must start and stop the session for the changes to take effect.

You can change only properties that have a read/write qualifier. The session type remains unchanged.

HTTP method and URI

POST /mvcm-api/api/automation/servers/{server-name}/sessions/{session-name}/properties

Request body

The request body is a JSON object with contents as defined in the Get automation session properties. The object must contain only the properties that are to be changed. 

Response body

Successful completion returns a 204 (No Content) status code.

Authorization requirements

The user must have the BMC AMI Console Management administrator role.

Example request

POST /mvcm-api/api/automation/servers/ZOS_Systems/sessions/ABLE
x-api-session: {session id}
    "consoleHost" : "",
    "consoleSslPort" : 10001,
    "consoleUseSsl" : true
    "consoleSessionName" : "ABLE3200"

Example response

204 (No Content)
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