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RESTful API for BMC AMI Console Management

The BMC AMI Console Management RESTful API provides a set of endpoints that allow an API program to query and update configuration information from the BMC AMI Console Management configuration database:

  • The API accesses services via HTTP version 1.1. For more information about HTTP 1.1, see the  W3C internet standards document RFC 2615 .
  • The BMC AMI Console Management web server provides TLS encryption for all connections.
  • Because most API calls require authentication, a session-creation call (LOGON) returns an authentication token for use in the HTTP header of subsequent requests. 


The RESTful API does not assume any particular client user agent or programming language. For information about how to use HTTP services in your preferred programming language, see the resources for your development environment.

User authentication and roles

Except for a single /api/version information call, all BMC AMI Console Management RESTful API requests require user authentication. After login, an API request must include the x-api-session header. If the x-api-session header is not present, the server returns an HTTP 403 (Not Authorized) error. 

BMC AMI Console Management API users to be in one or more of the following roles:


A normal operator who can read data within the /api/ccs and /api/automation trees but cannot update anything

BMC AMI Console Management administrator

An administrator role that allows the API user to read and update data and perform operations within the /api/ccs and /api/auto trees. This administrator can also read data in the /api/host tree.

BMC AMI Console Management user administrators

An administrator role that allows API users to read and update data in the /api/user tree.

BMC AMI Console Management Linux administrator

An administrator role that allows an API user to read and update data in the /api/host tree and perform other operations within the /api/host tree.

BMC AMI Console Management offers the following RESTful API services:

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