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Getting started

This section provides an overview of BMC AMI Console Management for zEnterprise.


BMC AMI Console Management for zEnterprise is an application server that consolidates information about mainframe consoles and displays the consolidated information in a graphical web interface. This interface is used on a client to connect to system consoles, and Hardware Management Consoles (HMC) on IBM mainframes.

BMC AMI Console Management for zEnterprise monitors mainframe systems across an enterprise. You can view aggregate messages and events for groups of resources and detailed information for individual resources. You can use this information to identify resources that require your attention and to prevent problems.

User goals

The BMC AMI Console Management for zEnterprise product addresses the following business goals:

User goalDescription
EfficiencyThe operators can access mainframe consoles quickly and easily to solve problems
Remote operation

The operators do not need to be confined to an operations room with the BMC AMI Console Management for zEnterprise product

SecurityRestricted login controls the access to the product and all commands are auditable


  • Offline operation
    BMC AMI Console Management for zEnterprise runs completely offboard with no components actually running on the mainframe. You can access mainframe consoles when the systems are not operating.
  • Reduces costs and complexity of multiple consoles
    BMC AMI Console Management for zEnterprise aggregates all of the mainframe system consoles into a single window. Access to an individual console is fast and easy through a click of a button. Consoles are always on and readily available for operators. You can configure custom views to show either all consoles or just the subsets of consoles.  
  • Improves system availability 
    BMC AMI Console Management for zEnterprise can highlight important system messages based on your criteria. You can take actions to automatically respond to messages, or forward messages to other systems such as TrueSight or Remedy.
  • Automates IPLs
    You can automate the IPL templates to reduce the time (by automatically submitting commands and responses) and to provide consistent results.
  • Reduces risk and increases security
    The access to BMC AMI Console Management for zEnterprise is secured through encrypted network connections and operator logins. You can use your enterprise’s authentication system (ActiveDiretory, RACF, ACF2, and so on) to authenticate operators.

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