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New developments in this version are divided into the following categories:

New features

The following new features were introduced in this version:

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A new type of If action, Action:CaptureOutput, now enables you to search job output and capture text from the job output into a variable.

Code Reference > Job Properties

If Actions > Action:CaptureOutput

When specifying a Site Standard to enforce on a folder or simple folder, you can now specify values for its Business Fields through the JSON code.Code Reference > FolderFolder and Simple Folder
The Rerun property now supports cyclic folders, in addition to cyclic jobs. The RerunLimit property now also supports folders, in addition to jobs.Code Reference > Job PropertiesRerun and RerunLimit
The Confirm property now supports folders, in addition to jobs and subfolders.Code Reference > Job PropertiesConfirm
When specifying a time period under the When property, you can now use the ActivePeriod parameter to choose between specifying a period of activity (when the job can run) or specifying a period of inactivity (when the job cannot run).Code Reference > Job PropertiesSpecifying a period when a job can or cannot run

When specifying a time period under the When property, you can now specify a predefined Confirmation calendar to use for validation of scheduling dates and you can indicate how to handle jobs that are scheduled for a non-working day in this calendar.

Code Reference > Job PropertiesSpecifying a Confirmation calendar
SAP BW job for running and monitoring a Process Chain in SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW). Code Reference > Job typesJob:SAP:BW:ProcessChain
Informatica job for automation of Informatica workflows and an Informatica connection profile.

Code Reference > Job types

Code Reference > Connection Profiles



File Transfer connection profiles were enhanced with several new optional parameters:

  • WorkloadAutomationGroups — enables you to specify roles (groups of users) that are allowed to access the connection profile.
  • VerifyDestination — Verifies the size of the file at the destination after a successful binary-mode transfer.
  • VerifyBytes — Verifies that the number of bytes sent to the destination during a successful binary-mode transfer is the same as the source file.
Code Reference > Connection ProfilesConnectionProfile:FileTransfer

The new run job::waitingInfo command enables you to display the reasons why a waiting job has not yet been executed (for example: missing conditions, resources, hosts, users, or workloads).

Services > Run servicerun job::waitingInfo
The run order command now supports ordering of z/OS type jobs.Services > Run servicerun order
The new deploy ai:jobtype and deploy ai:jobtypes::get commands enable you to deploy Application Integrator job types to the Control-M/Agent and to get details of such job types.Services > Deploy service

deploy ai:jobtypes::deploy

deploy ai:jobtypes::get

The deploy service, which enables you to transfer job and configuration definitions to Control-M, now supports the use of a job definitions XML file. This is in addition to the folder definitions XML file, which was already supported.

For the retrieval of existing definitions, the deploy jobs::get command now enables you to choose the job definitions XML format for the output, in addition to the folder definitions XML format and the JSON format (the default).

Services > Deploy service


The following changes were made in existing features in this version:

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Responses to API commands of the run service no longer display session tokens in URLs.

To display session tokens in URLs in responses to API commands (as in previous versions of the product), you can use a new setting in the automation_api_config file, as described in the Control-M Administrator Guide.

Services > Run service

Values of useextended, a Boolean parameter of the ConnectionProfile:SAP element, were changed from yes/no to true/false.Code Reference > Connection ProfilesConnectionProfile:SAP

Corrected problems

The following table lists issues that have been corrected in the current release:

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Tracking #



When an order of a folder or job fails, the error message that is returned is empty and does not provide information about the issue.


The deploy jobs::get command returns an erroneous EndFolder=True (that is, folder set to cyclic folder) when the job type is dummy or RunAsDummy=true.


Folder deployment fails with error message "String index out of range".


Installation of a plug-in on an agent using the provision upgrade command fails if the first three characters in the name of the installation package include a numerical character (for example, DR1CM*).

CAD-2460When deploying a folder that has an argument that uses the value of a variable, the variables enter the Control-M/Enterprise Manager in the incorrect order and result in an error.
CAD-2398Uninstallation of an agent using the provision service fails when the Control-M/Server is on a Windows host and a case mismatch is encountered in the host name specified by the system variable.
CAD-2414When the number of GUI sessions is limited in the Control-M environment, the API session is identified as a GUI session and is included in the count of open GUI sessions.
CAD-2395Getting job details using the deploy jobs::get command returns an error when the job contains an array of parameters and the first parameter is not defined.

The config server:agent::delete command fails to delete a Control-M/Agent from the Control-M/Server database when the host name contains .com or .org.

CAD-2315Incorrect job status returned by the run jobs:status::get command for a job that was deleted.
CAD-2433Deployment of a folder with a rule-based calendar but no when property results in daily execution of the jobs within the folder.

Deployment of an Application Integrator connection profile fails on the most recent version of the Control-M/Enterprise Manager.


In the XML file returned by the deploy jobs::get command, newline characters erroneously appear as \r\n.


Deployment of a connection profile fails when more than one Control-M/Server is defined in the environment.

CAD-2182The Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * header returns as a vulnerability in CORS security scans.

This header has been removed from all request responses.

CAD-2294Application Integrator (AI) job properties that were defined as mandatory are not validated properly.
CAD-2295Deployment failures occur when the Control-M/Server has a patch installed.
CAD-2261In a distributed EM environment, the API server fails to find the Application Integrator endpoint for running or deploying AI jobs.
CAD-2509The API server fails to start or stop on Solaris 10.
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