This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Asset Management.

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Working with maintenance schedules and audit schedules

You can set up schedules that notify IT or asset management personnel when maintenance and audits for CIs are necessary. For example, an IT technician might perform routine maintenance on all the printers in a company once every six months. The maintenance tasks can include changing the toner and checking for printer driver updates. You can create a maintenance schedule that notifies the technician when to begin maintenance tasks. After completing the maintenance tasks, the technician changes the status of the schedule to Completed.


If you have Remedy Change Management installed, you can select a change template. When the maintenance schedule comes due, this change template is used to create the change request. The change request is then assigned to a technician to complete the maintenance.

You can create an audit schedule to perform periodic audits. Perform audits to check for differences between the information in the CI database and the CIs that are deployed in the company. For example, to schedule a quarterly audit of the CIs at a site, relate the audit schedule to all the CIs at that location. You can also set up a review schedule to review the configuration of CIs.

After you create a schedule, you can relate the schedule to a CI. When you no longer need a schedule, you can remove the schedule from the CI. You work with schedules in the Schedule Criteria form. You can open this dialog box from the Asset Management console or from the Schedule tab on the CI Information form.

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