This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Asset Management.

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Creating bulk inventory CIs

When creating CI entries for a large number of items, you do not need to create a record for each individual item. Instead, you can classify bulk items by the type of item, for example, cables or printer cartridges. After you create these records, you manage your bulk item quantities and your storage locations from the Manage Inventory form. You can then indicate the quantity and the base unit, as defined by the application administrator. You can also set notifications for reorder when the item reaches the specified reorder quantity.

You can create Bulk Inventory and Inventory Location CIs by using the Select a CI Type dialog box. For more information, see Placing bulk CIs in inventory and Managing asset inventory.


Bulk inventory items are not tracked by a separate record for each item. Instead, bulk items are tracked by quantities of the item type. For example, cables used to connect desktop computers to the network do not require individual records but rather, one record for a bulk quantity of the specific cable type.

To create a bulk inventory CI

  1. On the Asset Management console, from the navigation pane, choose Functions > Manage CIs.

  2. In the Select a CI Type dialog box, from the Type list, select Bulk Inventory > Bulk Inventory, and click Create.

  3. In the Bulk Inventory form, complete the following required fields:

    Field name


    CI Name

    Enter the name of the bulk inventory item, for example, Microsoft Windows XP.

    Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3

    Categorize the item, as described in Categorizing CIs.

    Received Quantity

    Enter the number of items received.

  4. Click Save.
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