This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Asset Management.

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Creating a schedule

You create maintenance schedules and review schedules in the Schedule Criteria form. For example, Calbro Services has a high-speed high-volume network printer on each floor of their offices. These printers require maintenance every six months. The configuration administrator sets up a maintenance schedule for each of these printers.

To create a schedule

  1. On the Asset Management console, from the navigation pane, choose Functions > New Schedule.
  2. In the Schedule Criteria form, from the Schedule Type list, select the appropriate schedule type:
    • Audit Schedule — You can create only one audit schedule for each CI. If you create a new audit schedule for a CI that already has an audit schedule, the current audit schedule is deleted.
    • Maintenance Schedule — Use this to establish a periodic maintenance schedule. If necessary, you can create several maintenance schedules for a CI. For example, for the printers at a site, you can set up one schedule for changing the toner and another schedule for restocking the paper.


      When you select Maintenance, additional fields are displayed for Change Template and Change Requester. This allows you to schedule a change request to be automatically created with the selected template on a periodic schedule. The only change templates that appear in the Change Template list are change templates with a Change Type of Asset Maintenance.

    • Review Schedule — Use this to establish periodic review of configurations. For more information about review schedules, see Generating a review schedule.
    • Decommission Schedule — Use this to drive the decommission process. For more information about decommission schedules, see Managing decommission schedules.
  3. Specify information about the schedule:
    1. For Schedule Name, specify a name for the schedule.
    2. For Schedule Description, provide a description for the schedule.
    3. From the Frequency and Period lists, select how often you want the schedule to occur (for example, every six months).
    4. For Lead Time in Days, specify the number of days in advance that you want someone to be notified about the schedule.
  4. Complete the rest of the fields:
    1. Select the Support and Notification criteria.
    2. If you selected schedule type as Maintenance, and if you have BMC Change Management installed, enter a change requester, and change template from the Change Template list.
      For example, when setting up a maintenance schedule for a network printer at Calbro Services, Allen Allbrook selects the Network.
      A change request is created when the schedule is due.
  5. Categorize the CIs using the Tier fields, as described in Categorizing CIs.
  6. To relate the CI records to the schedule, click Add.
  7. Click Save.
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