This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Asset Management.

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Adding costs

You add costs for CIs using the Costs dialog box. If contract costs are associated with CIs, you can specify those costs here. If BMC Change Management is installed, you can also add change costs, such as a charge for installation.

For information about allocating change costs to CIs, see  Allocating costs to CIs .

To add costs

  1. Open a CI, as described in Using search
  2. Click the Financials tab, and click Add.
  3. The Costs dialog box is displayed:
  4. In the Costs dialog box, for Cost Center Code, select the cost center that you want to bill for this expense.

  5. The default value for this field is the default cost center, Unallocated.
  6. To issue a charge-back invoice to recover this cost from another department, you must replace this value with another cost center code.
  7. When you select a cost center code, the read-only Cost Center Name field is populated.
  8. For Cost Type, select an option:

    Cost TypeDescription
    ChargebackSelect this option to charge costs to another department. Before you can issue a charge-back invoice for this cost, select this option and specify a cost center.
    ComponentSelect this option for the costs that are associated with a CI's component.
    DisposalSelect this option for the cost of an item that has been disposed off.
    LeaseSelect this option for the cost of a leased contract or service of the item.
    Maintenance Select this option for the cost of a maintenance contract or service for the item.
    OtherSelect this option for other associated incidental costs.
    Purchase PriceSelect this option for the purchase price of the item.
    Sales TaxSelect this option for the Sales tax based on the purchase price.
    Software LicenseSelect this option for the cost associated with a software licence contract or service of this item.
    Support Select this option for the cost associated with a support contract or service of this item.
    UpgradeSelect this option for the cost associated with the upgrade for this item.
    Warranty Select this option for the cost associated with a warranty contract or service of the item.


    The entries in the Sales Tax and Purchase Price fields are added to the entry in the Total Purchase Cost field. If an entry exists, when the sales tax is not zero or charged, the cost is updated. If no entry exists, a cost entry is created. If you modify these prices using the Costs dialog box, you must also modify the Total Purchase Cost field on a CI Information form.

  9. For Description, provide a description of the cost.

  10. For Related Cost, select a currency type and specify the cost.

  11. For Date Incurred, specify the date that the cost was incurred.

  12. Click Save.

    The cost appears in the Cost Entries table, and the Total Cost field is updated.
  13. In the CI record, click Save.

After you add information about costs, you can issue charge-back invoices to other departments to recover your costs. See Working with charge-backs.

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