This documentation supports the 9.0 version of Asset Management.

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Troubleshooting license types

This section describes how to troubleshoot license types and the various rules and operations that they use.

When you use the license type wizard to create a license type, a set of rules is generated in the License Engine forms and stored as metadata. These forms start with a prefix of RLE. When the license engine runs, it executes these rules.

If your license job is not running properly, some of the reasons might be:

  • The rules might not have been set up as required.
  • The right qualifications might not have been defined.
  • The fields might not have been mapped correctly.
  • The right scope for the job might not be defined.

Test your new customized license type before you put it into production.

If everything has been set up correctly and the right scope has been defined for the license job, follow the debugging suggestions in Logging and Debugging tips.


Before trying to debug licenses, familiarize yourself with the rules engine configuration described in BMC Remedy Action Request System server documentation:


Before you begin debugging, export the license type forms as a backup. For a list of the forms you need to export and the method to follow, see Backing up the license type forms.

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