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Scheduling regular maintenance on a network printer

Calbro Services has a high-speed high-volume network printer on each floor of its offices. These printers require maintenance every six months. The configuration administrator, Allen Allbrook, sets up a maintenance schedule for each of these printers.


Not all data for this example is included with the sample data. You must create the Asset Maintenance change type template and the network printer CI.

Allen selects a "network printer maintenance" change template, so that the appropriate change request is started when maintenance is scheduled. Because this is a pre-approved change, no approval is required, and a technician performs the scheduled work.

After completing the maintenance tasks, the technician changes the status of the schedule to completed.


 BMC Asset Management and BMC Change Management must be installed to follow this user scenario.

The following table describes the typical steps involved in this user scenario:

Scheduling regular maintenance




Configuration administrator

The configuration administrator creates a maintenance schedule for a network printer:

From the Asset Management console, the configuration administrator accesses schedules and creates a new maintenance schedule.

The configuration administrator specifies the details of the schedule. He selects a change template for network printer maintenance.

To select network printers, he chooses the categorization Hardware > Printer > Network.

 Allen Allbrook, the Calbro configuration administrator, needs IT personnel to perform maintenance every six months on a network printer. He sets up a maintenance schedule, selects the change template, and selects the network printers.

 The technician completes the change request to perform maintenance:

That technician receives an alert that a change request is assigned (through email, alert, or page).

On the Change Management console, the technician opens the change request. The technician relates an ad hoc task to the change request and moves the change request through its lifecycle to the Implementation stage.

The technician completes maintenance and closes the task. The technician then closes the change request.

When the maintenance schedule comes due, the Asset Maintenance change template is used to create the change request. This template assigns the change request to the correct technician and notifies the technician to complete the maintenance every six months.

The technician completes the change request.


The technician indicates that maintenance is complete:

On the Asset Management console, the technician searches for the network printer CI and views it.

From the CI form, the technician accesses the schedules and views the network printer maintenance schedule.

The technician indicates that the maintenance is complete.

 The technician indicates that the maintenance is complete.
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