This documentation supports the 9.0 version of Asset Management.

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Purchasing software and assigning a license

Calbro Services has an enterprise license for Microsoft Office, which gives all employees access to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, and Microsoft Outlook. However, because only a few people require Microsoft Visio, this software is purchased only as required.


To manage licenses more accurately, BMC Atrium CMDB uses the {{MarketVersion}} attribute, which stores a simpler string version, such as 5.0 or 2007. You can then associate a license with the market version rather than with individual full version numbers. This is critical for accurate software license management, because market versions have specific rules that are not always the same as the version of the software manufacturer. For example, see Normalization and software license management.

Purchasing software and assigning a license




Contract manager

On the Contract Management console, the contract manager creates a software license contract for Microsoft Visio and sets the status to Executed.

Allen Allbrook creates a contract for Microsoft Visio. Because this contract is managed by Backoffice Support, contract users (such as Bob Baxter) can add license certificates as they are purchased.

Configuration administrator

On the Purchasing console, the configuration manager creates a purchase requisition for Microsoft Visio.

On the License Certificate tab of the line item, the configuration administrator selects a Per Instance license type and completes the required fields.

The configuration administrator submits the purchase requisition for approval.

Allen Allbrook creates a purchase requisition for Microsoft Visio. He specifies details about the license certificate. The manager of the requester is the default approver of the purchase requisition.

Note: If Per Instance license types are not available, you must enable the Per Instance license type. For more information, see Enabling and disabling license types.

Requester's managerOn Approval Central, the requester's manager selects the purchase requisition and approves it.

The requester's manager must approve the purchase requisition.

Note: If no manager is assigned to the requester, you should assign a manager in the People form. For more information, see Configuring people information.

Purchasing agent

The purchasing agent creates the purchase order.

On the Purchasing console, the purchasing agent searches for orders to place.

He views and then places the order.

After the purchase requisition is approved, a purchase order is automatically created and is ready to be placed with the vendor.

If the system is configured to auto-receive software products, the license certificate is created when the purchase order is placed on order and is linked to the line item on the purchase order.

Note: To set auto-receive, see Configuring license certificates.

Configuration administrator

The configuration administrator receives the item on the purchase order:

On the Receiving console, the configuration administrator searches for the purchase order and receives a quantity of one.

If the system is not configured to auto-receive software products, Allen Allbrook receives Microsoft Visio on the purchase order. At this time the user with receiving permissions has to manually receive the items at the receiving console, and then the license certificate is automatically created and linked to the line item on the purchase order.

This action automatically creates a new CI if the order line item is a hardware CI. If order line item is Software CI a new CI will not be created.

CustomerThe customer installs the software.After Joe Unser installs Microsoft Visio on his computer, discovery software discovers the software. During reconciliation, the CI, which previously had a status of Received, is set to a status of Deployed.
Contract manager

The contract manager runs a license job to assign the license:

From the Software Asset Management console, the contract manager accesses the Manage License Jobs console.

The contract manager creates a license job for the Per instance license type.

On the Manage License Jobs console, the contract manager runs the license job.

Allen Allbrook runs a license job.

If a broad license job is already scheduled to run nightly or upon reconciliation, Allen could skip this step. The license job connects the CI to the software license certificate.

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