This documentation supports the 9.0 version of Asset Management.

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BMC Remedy Asset Management contains a procurement process that controls the full process from requisition and ordering, to receiving and returns.

The procurement process starts with a requisition. Requisitions are requests from users for items to purchase. Attached to a requisition is a set of line items. These line items define each of the individual items to purchase. The requisition provides the processes for pricing line items correctly and getting the appropriate approvals before orders are sent to vendors.

After the requisition is approved and the line items are priced, the appropriate orders are automatically generated. The orders are generated based on the vendors for each of the line items. One order is generated for each vendor, with the appropriate line items attached.

From a data model perspective, the line items are shared between the requisition and the orders generated from that requisition.

When orders are received, the line items are updated with the received value. After all line items are received the order is considered closed. After the orders generated from a requisition are received, the requisition is considered closed.

(You can use BMC Asset Management to generate a purchase order for the software, or you can use other procurement software. You can relate the purchase order for the software to the software license certificates, so that you can track the financial information regarding software procurement.)

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