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License jobs and running the SWLM engine

Software license management (SWLM) comes with a Java engine that establishes the connections between the CIs and the certificates, and thereafter based on the connections made to the certificate, it computes compliance.

You would first define a license job. The job defines the scope of the run. It defines the scope of the CIs in BMC Atrium CMDB for which you are looking to see if there are matching certificates. It also defines the certificates in BMC Asset Management that are looked up to match certificates that correspond to the CIs. The License Job Console can be launched from the SAM Console from the Navigation pane under Functions.

The following figure shows the SWLM job. The scope for this job includes all the Microsoft Visio products where Manufacturer is Microsoft Corporation for CIs as well as certificates; the CI search is limited to BMC.ASSET dataset.

License job (example screen from BMC Asset Management)

The following figure shows an ad hoc job run or schedule to run (time-based or reconciliation-based):

License job console (example screen from BMC Asset Management)

After the job is created, you can trigger the License Job from the License Job Console. You can trigger it ad hoc by selecting the job and clicking the Run button, or you can create a time-based job schedule to run at a particular time on a specified day or days. You can also schedule to run it following a reconciliation run by relating the SWLM job with the appropriate reconciliation job. This relationship means that the SWLM job is run every time the reconciliation job is finished, which makes sure that all the new and updated CIs in BMC Atrium CMDB, within the scope of the license job, are checked by SWLM to make sure that there are appropriate certificates for the software CIs.

Following the job run, you can check the summary of the job from the History tab of the Manage Job Console.

History tab of the Manage Job Console (example screen from BMC Asset Management)


The status Completed with warnings can be ignored if the CIs are connected to certificate and Deployed count is correct.

License certificates can be analyzed to check the various CIs connected to them by going to the Software Assets tab. Compliance details can be checked by clicking the Compliance details link on the Navigation bar.

The Visio CIs in CMDB are connected to the certificate.

License certificate connected to CIs (example screen from BMC Asset Management)

The Visio CIs in BMC Atrium CMDB, which are connected to the certificate illustrated in the following figure:

Product CIs (example screen from BMC Asset Management)

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