This documentation supports the 9.0 version of Asset Management.

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Investigating inaccurate CI data

CI data is used by IT personnel throughout Calbro Services. Configuration administrators use CI data for most tasks. Change coordinators analyze the CIs and their relationships before implementing changes. Service Desk personnel use CI data to help resolve incident requests and investigate problems. Accurate CI data is important to their work.

Allen Allbrook, a configuration administrator at Calbro Services, thinks that the data for a computer system might be inaccurate. He wants to view the audit history of the CI, so that he can see all the modifications to this computer system during its history. He can investigate whether the data is no longer accurate by checking the audit history for the CI.

Typically, Allen accesses data stored in BMC Atrium CMDB from the Asset Management console. On the Asset Management console, he searches for the CI and views it. From the CI form, he views the BMC Atrium CMDB audit history.

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