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Exporting a license type

When you create a custom license type or update an existing license type, you often need to deploy the updates or the new license type to other Software License Management (SWLM) servers in your environment. In earlier releases of the product, you had to manually export license types. The process involved reading multiple forms that were used to store the license model.

The License Type Import and Export tool automatically reads all the required forms and creates an ARX file that contains the information necessary to export a license type. You can them import this ARX file to other BMC Asset Management systems by using the License Type Import and Export tool on those systems.

To export a license type

  1. From the Application Administration Console, choose Custom Configuration > Asset Management > Advanced Options > Import and Export License Types, and then click Open.
  2. On the AST:LicenseTypeUtility form, click the Export License Type link.
  3. From the Available Licenses table, select the license types to export and click Add.


    Press the Ctrl key to select multiple license types. When you add multiple license types, each license type is exported to a separate ARX file.

  4. Enter the following information:

    Field name


    Short Description

    Briefly describe the reason for exporting the license types.

    Export ID

    Enter a unique identifier for the export. This ID is appended to the license type name, which is also the name of the exported ARX file. This identifier can include basic information about the exported files, and can be used to identify exported licenses.

    You choose to export the Per copy and the Per copy per device license types because you have changed a compliance question for those license types. Using the License Type Import and Export tool, you export these licenses and enter ComplianceUpdt as the Export ID. The exported files are saved as PerCopy_ComplianceUpdt.arx and PerCopyPerDevice_ComplianceUpdt.arx.

    User Password

    Enter the password of the logged on user. If the logged on user does not have a password defined, select the Confirm password is blank check box.

  5. Click the Export License Type button.
    The time required to export the license types depends on the size of the ARX file.
    When the export is complete, the ARX file is displayed in the Export Result table.
  6. Select the file from the list, and click Download to save the file to the local computer.
    The exported ARX files are also saved in the Export History. Click the History link to view details of the exported files. For details about the History option, see Import and export history.

Troubleshooting export in a UNIX environment

Because of processing speed differences between the export tool on the server and the client, sometimes the ARX file that is available for download in the Export License Type page is incomplete.

To retrieve the complete file, get the exported ARX file located in the <ARServerInstallationDirectory>/ARSystem/bin folder. By default, this folder located at /data1/bmc/ARSystem/bin.

The name of the exported file is <licenseTypeName>_<exportID>.arx.

After the export is completed, the export log file is created in the <ARServerInstallationDirectory>/ARSystem folder.

Where to go from here

Import the exported ARX files to to other SWLM servers. For more information about importing license types, see Importing a license type.

Where to go from here

Advanced verification of license type import and export

This version of the documentation is no longer supported. However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments.