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Working with related items

A CI can be related to other CIs. For example, the monitor, mouse, and keyboard CIs can be related to a computer system CI as components. If you are using a BMC discovery product, the discovery product can create the relationships when it populates BMC Atrium CMDB.

When a CI or relationship is not discovered, you can manually create the relationship. When you relate a CI or service to another CI, you must define the relationship type between the two records. For a description of each relationship type, see CI and relationship types.

If the applicable application is installed, you can also relate incidents, problems, known errors, solution database entries, and change requests to the current CI. For example, if an incident or change request affects the availability of a CI, you can relate it to the CI.

You can use the Quick Action field to create new relationships or to modify relationships.

The following topics are provided:

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