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Using the KPI flashboards

The KPI flashboards graph Asset Management business processes against the Asset Management key performance indicators (KPIs).


The BMC Service Management Process Model defines a key performance indicator as "A vital and measurable result to track the efficiency, effectiveness, and predictability of a process."

The KPI flashboard component collects the data according to the selected customer company. Each KPI flashboard contains graphs that present the following types of information:

  • Relevant historical data — Use this graph for trending purposes. The most recent historical data displayed in the graph is collected from the previous month. Historical data goes back to a maximum of one year.


    Historical data only appears in a graph when that historical data exists in the database. Typically, new or recent installations, or upgrades, of BMC Asset Management might not have historical data available.

  • Current, or real time data — Use this graph to see what is happening with the business process now. In most cases, the displayed real time data is collected from the first day of the current month to today's date.


KPI flashboards are available only for version 7.6.00 (and later) of the BMC Remedy ITSM applications. If you are running a mixed environment, that is, if you are running some BMC Remedy ITSM applications at version level 7.5.01 (or earlier), you see flashboards with only the version 7.6.00 (or later) applications.

This section provides the following information about KPI flashboards:

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