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Software license management

The software license feature of BMC Remedy Asset Management is designed to automatically link software CIs with the applicable software license certificates. You can use the software license management feature in BMC Asset Management to facilitate, focus, and follow-through on compliance.

The License Engine links the software CIs based on the connection details specified for the software license certificate. Connection actions defined on the license type determine the query to connect the software CIs to the software license certificate.

The License Engine updates compliance data for the software license certificate, based on the compliance detail specified for the software license certificate. Compliance actions specify the rules that calculate compliance. Compliance can be calculated based on the software CIs connected to the software license certificate, the computer system on which the software is installed, CIs related to the computer system (such as CPUs), or any data stored in a BMC Remedy AR System form.

For more information how to use BMC Asset Management to manage software licenses and their compliance within your organization, see Managing software licenses.

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