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Providing access to a CI for multiple companies

To separate data for multiple companies or multiple business units, use the Company field. Users can access data only for companies for which they have access. To see the data for a specific company that you have the permission to view, select the company from the list.

In a multitenancy environment, users can access a CI only if one of the following conditions is met:

  • The user belongs to the same company as the CI.
  • On the People tab, you create a "Supported by" or "Used by" relationship to a support group. The user is a member of the same company as the people organization.
  • The user has unrestricted access to all companies.

If multiple companies access an item, such as a printer, you can use the Company field to indicate the company with primary responsibility for the CI. You can relate the CI to the other companies. For instructions on relating CIs, see Working with related items.

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