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Porting license types

Software License Management (SWLM) provides multiple license types out of the box. It also enables users to create custom license types by using the License Type wizard.

Information related to a license type is stored in multiple forms. In earlier releases, manually exporting license types involved fetching data from multiple forms by building relationships between the datasets. The procedure was complex and prone to error.

Version 8.1.00 introduces a new tool that enables users to export license types and import them to other BMC Asset Management systems. The tool also maintains an export and import log.

This section provides the following information about using this new tool:

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  1. Archana Joshi

    >>>lifecycle allows includes multiple license types a -- sounds in correct

    SWLM provides multiple OOTB license types and it also allows user to create custom license types.... 

    Nov 01, 2012 02:09
  2. Archana Joshi

    >>>Version 8.1.00 introduces a new license export and import tool

    Change this too: Version 8.1.00 introduces a new license type export and import feature 

    Nov 01, 2012 02:14