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Managing decommission schedules

The virtualization administrator, configuration manager, or change coordinator can create a decommission schedules to drive the decommission process. If a decommission schedule is related to a virtual machine (VM), the owner of the VM receives notification of the upcoming decommission.

A configuration item (CI) for a VM is related to a CI for virtual settings data, which includes the proposed decommission date. When the CI for the VM is attached to the schedule, the proposed decommission date stored in the CI's related virtual settings data becomes the proposed decommission date in the Schedule Information form.

Upon receiving notification, the owner can request an extension of the proposed decommission date so that the VM is available for use. If the VM owner does not request an extension, the decommission proceeds on schedule.

On the proposed decommission date, the decommission schedule creates a change request to request the decommissioning of the VM.


Set a default decommission schedule for each company. Then, when a VM is created, the default decommission schedule (for the company for which the VM is being created) is related automatically to the CI for the VM. This eliminates the need to manually relate a decommission schedule to the CI and can help reduce VM sprawl.

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