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Generating a list of charge-back entries

After the configuration administrator specifies costs and charge-backs, the financial manager generates a list of charge-back entries. This list summarizes charge-back information for a specified period, including the cost centers billed, cost types, and related costs. The information is used to generate reports and charge-back invoices.

At the end of the period (but before you close the current period), generate the charge-back entries to check the information for accuracy. If you find discrepancies, you can make any necessary adjustments before you print your charge-back invoices.For example, after checking the list, you might discover that you allocated a cost to the wrong cost center. You can then specify the correct cost center before you create your invoice.

If you change the cost information after you generate the list, you can regenerate the list to refresh the data. When you regenerate the list, you can choose to discard or preserve your changes. If you have split cost centers, you can calculate the entries for these cost centers. For more information about split cost centers, see The charge-back cycle.

To generate a list of charge-back entries

  1. On the Asset Management console, from the navigation pane, choose Functions > Manage Costs.
    The Manage Costs form appears. The first time that you open the form for the current period, no information appears inthe Charge-back Entries table. After you click Generate Preliminary Costing, the table lists charge-back entries.
  2. In the Period Start Date and Period End Date fields, specify the start date and end date for the current period.
  3. Click Generate Preliminary Costing. If you have already generated the list for the current period, respond to any confirmation messages that appear:
    • If you have already generated the list for the current period, to create the list again, click Yes.
    • If you made adjustments to any entries since you last generated the list, to preserve the adjustments,click Yes. To discard the adjustments, click No.
    The table now lists charge-back entries. The next time that you open the Manage Costs form for the current period,charge-back entries appear in the table.

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