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Creating inventory location CIs

After you create your bulk inventory CIs, create inventory locations in which to place them.

To create an inventory location CI

  1. On the Asset Management console, from the navigation pane, choose Functions > Manage CIs.
  2. In the Select a CI Type dialog box, from the Type list, select  System > Inventory Location, and click Create.
  3. In the Inventory Location form, in the CI Name field, specify the location name.
  4. Complete the other, optional fields.


     If CIs related to this inventory location were created from a purchase requisition, they appear on the Inventory Transactions tab.

  5. Click Save.

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  1. Thomas Burke

    Would like to see more information about the fields in the Inventory Location class. Not just "enter this here," but information about the implications of what you're entering. For instance, when I associate this inventory location to a Support Group, where will that relationship be visible? In SmartIT? If so, where? Are there implications to setting Company, Region, Site Group, and Site for an inventory location? Having this context will help with further work. Thanks!

    Feb 14, 2024 03:57