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Creating CIs

To create a CI, you must have Asset Admin permissions. If you have Asset User permissions, you can modify a CI only if the CI is related to your Support Group. Your administrator (or any person with Asset Admin permissions) can relate the CI to your Support Group.

You specify information about each of your CIs and the items that they represent by using forms for different CI types, such as Computer System and Bulk Inventory.

Most CI forms contain similar fields; the only difference is how you categorize the CI. The following procedures show how to create a CI for two different CI types. The procedure is similar for other CI types.

For a description of CI types and their relationships, see CI and relationship types.


When you save a CI and the sandbox is enabled, the new or modified CI is stored in the sandbox dataset until the Reconciliation Engine runs and moves it into the production dataset. Until the Reconciliation Engine runs, you can see your changes in the sandbox dataset only.

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