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Creating a blackout schedule

Use the blackout schedule to indicate:

  • Times when the current CI is unavailable for changes in BMC Change Management. During this time, a CI must not be brought down. For example, the server used by payroll might have a blackout schedule to indicate that the CI must not be affected by any changes during paycheck processing.
  • Scheduled outages during which the CI is available for maintenance and other changes. When a CI is available for changes, business services might be affected.

You use the Registration for Shared Time Segment form to create a blackout schedule. You can schedule a blackout to occur once or define a recurring schedule. Blackout schedules are stored in the Business Time Segment form. This form is also used by BMC Change Management to help to avoid scheduling changes when a CI must be available.


You can create a blackout schedule either from BMC Asset Management or from BMC Change Management.

This section provides the following information:

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