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Approving or rejecting requests via email

Starting with version 8.1.00, you can approve requests via email. When email-based approvals are enabled, an email notification is sent the individuals who have approval authority for the request. Those people either can approve or reject the request directly from the email notification.  


If the approval process requires a password or requires that rejection of a request includes a business justification, you cannot use email-based approvals. If this is the case, you must approve or reject the request from Approval Central.

Approval email notifications are also sent out to any alternate approvers defined for the process. However, if the approver adds an alternate approver after the email has been sent, the alternate approver will not receive the email.

The following figures show examples of approval emails. Instructions for approving and rejecting requests via email are provided after the figures.

Email for a change request approval

Email for a service request approval


The Server Timezone Offset displays the time zone offset information where the BMC Remedy AR System server is located.

To approve or reject a request via email

  1. In the approval email that you receive, click the request ID link to view the details of the request.


    Service request IDs are not linked to the actual service request record.

  2. Click Approve or Reject.
    An email formatted with your approval or rejection reply is displayed.
  3. Send the email without modifying the text.


    Do not modify the content followed by the #DO NOT MODIFY FOLLOWING TEXT# text in the email.

You are notified of the success of the approval or rejection by email, as shown in the following figure:

If you attempt to approve or reject a request that is in a state that cannot be changed (approved, rejected, closed, or canceled), you receive an approval error notification email, as shown in the following figure:

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