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Adding, modifying or removing product categorization from a license certificate

When you upgrade a software license, you add product categorization for the new version to the license certificate. You might also add product categorization if multiple products are covered by the same software license.

For example, when Calbro Services upgrades a site license for Microsoft Office 2003 to Microsoft Office 2007, Allen Allbrook (the Software Asset Manager) adds the categorization for Microsoft Office 2007 to the existing license certificate. After Joe Unser upgrades his version of Microsoft Office to Microsoft Office 2007, BMC Configuration Automation for Clients discovers that Microsoft Office 2003 is no longer present on his system, and Microsoft Office 2007 is now present. When the License Engine runs, it relates the license certificate to the new CI for Microsoft Office 2007.

You can remove product categorizations that are no longer applicable.

To add, modify or remove a product categorization to a certificate

  1. Open the Software Asset Management (SAM) Console.
  2. Select the license certificate, and click View.
  3. On the License Certificate form, in the Related Product Categorizations area, click Add.
  4. In the Certificate Product Association dialog box, select the appropriate product categorization, and click Add.
  5. To modify a product categorization, select it from the list, modify the values, and click Modify.
  6. To remove a product categorization, select it from the list, and click Remove.
  7. To save the product categorization changes, click Save.

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